Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a Woman's Prerogative

I frequently get exasperated with Mr. McGee because I like to think about certain kinds of things for a really long time before making a decision, like decorating a room or laying out a garden or whatever. I typically come up with a thousand interim plans before finally settling on the one I actually want to do. But Mr. McGee always sticks with the first thing I say and gets aggravated when he discovers I've changed my mind about what he thought was "the plan." This happens so often, to our mutual irritation, that I'm to the point where when he asks, "What color do you think we should paint the living room?" I respond, "Now, this is only my PRELIMINARY thought so DON'T YOU GO DECIDING IT'S A PLAN ...."

Anyway, we had a winner of these conversations today when speculating on possible future cars.

"I kind of want a Mazda."
"A Miata?"
"No, a Mazda 5."
"I thought you wanted a scooter."
"Well, I do, but [various practical concerns]."
"Then I thought you wanted a Prius."
"You don't do a very good job keeping up with my whims, do you?"


My Flock Rocks! said...

My husband asked me what kind of car "I" wanted...I didn't hesitate one minute! I want a Lexus! We got a Jeep Grand Cherokee...why did he bother to ask?

Jennifer said...

I, too, like to ponder things for a long time before making a decision and it drives my husband crazy. I'm beginning to think I should ponder silently, then bring up whatever when I've made up my mind.
One thing I've been consistent about, I'd love to have a volkswagon bug, acid green. Just got to wait for the kiddies to start driving and I can get one.

Brad Carter said...

Here in lies the world's largest problem. Women expect men to understand them, when it is soooo much easier the other way around. Here is a fact: women and men are different! Physically, mentally, and in any and all other ways. Really though, it is simple to understand if you look back to our earliest ancestors.
Women were the gathers. They would go into the feilds and gather the fruits, berries, vegetables for food. They would gather up grasses and other fiberous materials for making textiles.
Men on the other hand were the hunters. They would go out and hunt and fish for food. They would go out and search for the best place to make shelter.
It's all genetic coded and neither sex can help it. So when your husband shows up with a M5, keys in his mouth, tail wagging, ears pointed up, pat him on the head and tell him good boy. To him, he just had a very successful hunt. "Woman want M5, I get M5." (I am in no way trying to say Mr. McGee is any kind of animal other than man, no offense intended) All of your "gathering" of thoughts, ie. red would be nice, or perhaps blue, no black, only goes to confuse the hunter. If on the other hand you say "I'd like a red M5", you'd better have a treat ready, because your going to see one shortly.

P.S. No matter how many soap operas or sappy love movies one watches, a man will never, never, never be able to read a womans mind! :)