Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3 Things about ICC

Writing from the adjunct office today, so musing on my location:

1) The new carpets in East Peoria Academic have math symbols all over them. Seriously. It's cute.

2) Students and staff/faculty park in the same lots. In my opinion, this should suggest to students they do a little less CUTTING PEOPLE OFF since they could be cutting off their professors. Oh well.

3) Every door has a sign that say "Do not smoke in entryway" or something along those lines. Every door also has an ashcan right there in the entryway. I get the problem, because you don't want people coming into the building with a cigarette and tossing it in the trashcan because they didn't see the ashcan on the way in, but it's still funny.

My only real problem is that Firefox is not universally available on ICC computers, and after using Firefox for years now, going back to IE is EXCRUCIATING, if only for the lack of tabbed browsing.


Nate said...

Regarding Firefox, I have one comment:

And you can copy your links from home!

Jennifer said...

I went to ICC and really loved it, more than ISU. I had really great teachers at ICC, especially in the science department.
But, the one thing I hated was that the tampon machines were ALWAYS, and I mean AlWAYS empty. I would joke that I was going to run for student government based on the promise of constantly restocked feminine hygiene products.

Anonymous said...

IE has tabbed browsing...get an upgrade