Thursday, August 30, 2007

Speaking of Immaturity, I Got Budged at the Bank

Yes, I'm standing in line at the bank and this dude just comes up, stands to the side of the line, and when it moves forward, inserts himself in front of me! Low-down dirty good-for-nothing BUDGER!!!!!!

I didn't say anything partly because I was so surprised, and partly because despite the "AnimeCentral2000" T-shirt, he looked mean and angry.

I don't think I've been budged since I was 7, and that was probably back-budgies, so it was at least morally semi-legitimate. This was just bald-faced budging. Appalling.


Jimi said...

Makes ya wonder if the dude was always a duck. As in... well ya know..

WLW said...

The A-Cen shirt should have also clued you in on his evilness...

I can assure you that the local Sakura-Con(Me) staffer would have never done that.

So todays lesson A-Cen Bad, Sakura-Con Good.


BeanCounter said...

A budger budging, those are funny terms. In my neck of the woods it is refered to as a cutter cutting, one who cuts you in line.

Anonymous said...

I was budged the other week by an older lady (65ish). I was shocked? You think I could believe it? But there was no doubt it happened. Of course I didn't do anything. But I thought how rude.