Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Five Years Ago Today, I Think I Was Sobbing from Stress

So this Friday my husband and I have our five-year wedding anniversary. FIVE YEARS! Counting backwards from the day of the wedding, I'm pretty sure this is the day I finally lost it and just started crying from all the stress of all the last-minute wedding things.

Anyway, I can hardly believe it's already been five years. The internet informs me that 18% of couples are divorced by five years. Sometimes I marvel that we're both still alive, since two type-A lawyers in one household makes for some headbutting, typically including arguments wherein somebody demands somebody else adhere to the rules of evidence and then degenerates into arguments about if X piece of evidence of failure to clean the kitchen is allowed, whether Y piece of evidence of failure to empty the litterboxes is also admissible to the argument.

My husband is hard to shop for, because he mostly only covets books, and you can only give so many special books as meaningful presents. So this year, I was creative and I hired Chef Kevin to come and cook us a super-awesome gourmet dinner at home. I think as a gift it was quite a success, and as a meal it was a DEFINITE success. In fact, I think we're still both in food-induced stupors, and there was this fondue-in-a-pastry thing that I swear I am going to learn to make because I think I could eat nothing but that for the entire rest of my life.

(There is a 2nd part to his present but I haven't finished it yet. Maybe I'll be done by the actual anniversary on Friday.)


Michele said...

Congratulations! I fondly recall the same stress 12 years ago but instead of crying, I nearly went psychotic. I made all these stupid table favor things with chocolate in them and the week before the wedding the AC in our apartment broke. I almost went over the edge, rifle in the clock tower kind of thing.

I've had that same argument with my husband many times in the 12 years we've been married. You sound like a very thoughtful wife. Happy anniversary to you both.

debra said...

Happy anniversary! What a great gift idea. I was at one of Chef Kevin's cooking classes and the food was terrific! And I also remember the food-induced stupor. But what a great stupor :-)

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary.