Monday, August 13, 2007


One of the great privileges of being an adult, aside from being able to have a beer with lunch (a totally underappreciated luxury, that), is being able to celebrate your events as long as you bloody well want to, as there are no authority figures to say, "Look, your birthday was over three weeks ago." Which is generally to say, we spent about a week celebrating our 5th anniversary (which was last Friday) starting a week ago today with the Chef Kevin dinner and winding up yesterday at Rizzi's for more food. "Should we go to a movie? For our anniversary, I mean." "Let's order some pizza -- it's our anniversary."

Alas, I think we've about run that excuse into the ground. On the plus side, I have enough leftovers in my fridge that I can put off grocery shopping at least another two days!


Vonster said...

Sorry for putting this here but what's your take on the hearing about the former 66 station near you?

Eyebrows McGee said...

I haven't heard about it, or not in those terms. :) What's up?