Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bus Update

Superintendent Hinton told Diane Vespa that a policy will be put in place ASAP. Kudos to him. Further bulletins as events warrant, as Calvin used to say.


Diane Vespa said...

Please see update below under "comments"

Lisa said...

District 150's bus service is deplorable, and the reasons go all the way to the top.

Six years ago our son was set to start kindergarten at Roosevelt and the day before classes there was no information regarding bus routes/times. Turns out the school had never turned in a list to Transportation, so what were they doing? Nothing. (Taunya Jenkins told me that there would be no bus schedule (or service, apparently) for about two weeks because it takes them a while to figure out who's actually enrolled in the school--but Taunya Jenkins is another story!)

In the midst of trying to deal with this unacceptable situation, my husband talked with a local politician (not sure I should name him) who told us that the Transportation Director only had his job because he was related to somebody and that he was hopelessly incompetent but unlikely to ever be replaced.

Throughout the four years that our kids went to District 150 schools (Roosevelt and Kellar), the buses always ran very late (sometimes as much as 45 minutes late) for the first couple of weeks of school. I could never figure out why this should be. The bus drivers are out driving their routes before school starts, so it shouldn't be that they don't know where they're going.

Two years ago we moved to Mossville, and guess what? On the very first day of school (and we've had three of those since we moved here) the bus is exactly on time. I know, IVC is a smaller district, but you know what else? The buses hold the same number of kids.

I think if District 150 wants to improve bus service, they need to clean house starting at the top. It doesn't surprise me that there was no written policy to deal with missing kids, and it really doesn't surprise me that the director blew off the meeting.