Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, It IS from Peoria ....

The other day I started eating a pita and I was like, "This smells a little funny," but I have a notoriously bad sense of smell so it took a few bites before I looked and realized --



I spent the next several hours saying to the now-trashed pita, "Please have been penicillin! Please have been penicillin!"

I was none the worse for wear, so it must have been. Penicillin was, after all, synthesized in quantity in Peoria during WWII, and -- grossest thing I have ever learned -- a worldwide search revealed the preferred and most prolific strain of penicillin was found on a moldy cantaloupe found at a Peoria market in 1941.

If you were the market, is this the kind of thing you advertise or not?

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