Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make Mr. McGee Happy: Adopt a Cat

A specific cat. Take a look at Buster at the Tazewell shelter. Buster's a handsome & unusual-looking Siamese/marmalade mix who has diabetes. Like Orange Cat, Buster has diabetes and requires two shots a day. Mr. McGee, who is a serious soft touch where animals are concerned, is worried that nobody will adopt Buster because he's diabetic and now he's worrying about what would have happened to Orange Cat if nobody had adopted Orange Cat.

So if you are looking for a feline buddy, go take a look at Buster. Orange Cat's diabetes is super-easy to manage and even I, who am terrified of needles, can do the shots. As can three of my neighbors and all of my nearest relatives. Super-easy, I promise. If somebody doesn't step up and adopt Buster, Mr. McGee may never sleep again for worrying. And we seriously do not have room for a third cat! (Also Buster is not big enough to roll with the 20-lb. Godzilla-cats at this house. He might get smushed.)

1 comment:

Josh said...

If Mr. McGee takes our beagle, I'll adopt the cat.