Monday, July 23, 2007

July Garden Virtual Tour, & TV Appearance

Hi Bloggerinos! I'm back to WHOI tonight and I'll be on the 5 p.m. news, so tune in and check me out. I have lots and lots to blog about this week, too -- I'm tempted to post everything all at once!

I've finally uploaded my gardening pictures from earlier this month. They're a little out of date -- a few more things are blooming, and the squash has gotten farther on its world domination attempt -- but still pretty accurate. The sun has gotten far enough past the solstice that we now have shade on the patio by about 5:30 p.m. so it's lovely to sit out in the evening after work.

When you garden, you learn all kinds of fascinating things, like that this is what lettuce looks like when it grows up. Way up. Also it tastes like crap once it's done this. It's flowering out at the top there, you can just see, and by now, a couple weeks later, it has lots of seeds and looks real broomy up top.

Below you can watch a second Mapwing tour of my garden. Don't forget you can "turn around" on some of the points if you go through the tour manually. My first Mapwing tour is here. You can click here to visit the current one at Mapwing, or watch it embedded below!


Donna said...


Randall and I just pulled up our last tomato plant two days ago. I can't imagine green tomatoes in mid-July.

David said...

your "proven winner" is called million bells or botanically- calibrachoa