Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter (No Spoilers)

No Spoilers because the FedEx man hasn't brought the book yet, though I am already anxiously awaiting! I think being the FedEx man on Harry Potter release day must be the closest thing to being Santa Claus in this mortal world, both because they're delivering books to millions of children all over the world all in one day, and because everybody is DYING to see him and get the package he brings and he is the man bringing The Joy for today. The magic of online tracking tells me my book arrived at 10:11 a.m. yesterday at the East Peoria distribution center, but not when to expect my FedEx man today! Maybe I should put out cookies for him and carrots for his truck.

I read that the Vegas bookmakers' odds were running 90/10 in favor of Harry dying, which sort of makes me wish I was a betting woman, because I think that's ridiculous. It wouldn't fit the structure of the other six books at all if Harry died. I think it's most likely to be Neville, Hagrid, and/or an auxiliary Weasley (i.e., not Ginny or Ron).

As for Ron or Hermione dying, that seems highly unlikely to me as well, since they've been set up for romance since Book I. And for the people who were shocked -- SHOCKED! -- when they starting showing interest in each other about Book IV, I suggest a refresher course in English-language romantic literature: In English, we expect our romantic heroes and heroines to bicker first before they fall in love. Adds to the tension, sexual and otherwise. Try, oh, Pride and Prejudice (and Emma, to a lesser degree); any Shakespeare comedy but particularly Taming of the Shrew; the entire genre of trashy romance novels; When Harry Met Sally; and so forth. Straight-ahead romance is for continental-language literatures; English has always liked its romances sassier, and Ron and Hermione right from the first were clearly being set up to fall in love as well.

I hope FedEx man gets here early because I don't know how long I can avoid possible spoilers on the internet and TV!


DONE: And the only thing I have to say is, I always knew Mrs. Weasley & Neville kicked ass.


Jennifer said...

We (my son and I) were with the throngs buying the book at 12:01. I finished it about a day later. Good read, hope you enjoy it.

anon e. mouse said...

Well, having read the book, I wonder how the odds-makers made out, since, well - you know.

I saw Neville as potentially being kick-ass way, way back.

The only death that kind of shocked me was a certain teacher at a certain school most commonly referred to as "Hogwarts".