Thursday, July 05, 2007

As It Turns Out, Cats Dislike Jackhammers

We are having some concrete work done, consisting at this moment of having the old concrete removed so the new concrete can be poured. I have one cat freaking out and standing on my lap, periodically launching onto my desk to look out the window for the horrible, horrible noise, and the other cat huddled miserably at my feet, curling up against the CPU and snuggling it for comfort. (Orange Cat believes the CPU is his friend because it is warm and purrs at him. Whenever the drive spins up, he head-butts it or snuggles it and purrs back. I shudder to think what the inside of the CPU looks like at this point.)

Grey Cat was unusually glad to see us when we got back from the wedding, and ever since he has been head-butting and kneading us like crazy. This is cute, except that he weighs 20 lbs and likes to knead on our ribs, with the result that I'm not sure either of us has an unbruised rib left. His head-butts, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, are not just head-butts but ATOMIC head-butts wherein you periodically fear he just rammed you hard enough to break your nose. This is his preferred method of waking us up lately: walking up my ribs, purring madly, and then headbutting me like a pro-wrestler. He gets ecstatic when I shove him off me ("She's petting me!") and then goes and does it to Mr. McGee. And then me again. And then him again. Until one of us either gets up for real, or locks him in the bathroom so he'll quit it.

Turning on my side doesn't help, because it actually hurts a lot more to have 20-lbs. of cat in the soft part of your side than on your stomach. Turning on my stomach makes it feel like the best Swedish massage EVER as he trots up my spine, but the perverse feline will only rarely walk up me when I turn on my stomach. No exposed facial features to headbutt, I suppose.


b said...

So as our cat was adjusting to our new house we would let her out in our micro back yard (bah California land prices) wherein she would roam the new confines. Now our new neighbors decided not to tell us they were going to spend their Sat afternoon jack hammering their patio away. The cat flipped out and instead of seeking shelter inside the decided that under our deck, right next to the noise, would be better. She did not come out for hours afterwords.

And you might want to de-fuzz your CPU fan before it decides to pull a stapler move.

mcSey said...

Gratz on the frontpaged comment over at on your "Dead Peasant" life insurance comment

Tavo said...

My SIL calls kneading "makin' biscuits". She also calls the catbox Sausage Beach. My SIL is a colorful cat commentator.

Jennifer said...

We don't have any cats, yet, that is. Waiting for the Jack Russell terrier to kick the bucket. That sounded mean, but I don't think Jack would do well with felines.
I took the cover off my work computer the other day and was amazed at the dust bunnies that had accumulated.... so that's why the fan had been running 24/7.