Friday, June 29, 2007

The Lame Defacer

Someone went to a lot of trouble to deface a CityLink bus shelter near my house. The CityLink slogan is "Your ride is here!"

The Defacer, who is either really stupid or really existential, painstakingly scratched off the "h", so that it now reads, "Your ride is ere!"

Even I could immediately see that a far better defacing would have been to remove the terminal "e" so that it said, "Your ride is her!"

(And if "Your ride is her!" starts popping up all over Peoria bus shelters in the next week, well, at least we know juvenile delinquents read my blog.)


Cory said...

Absolutely brilliant! I wish I could've thought something so clever up when I was a teenager. Usually we just did tags and throw-ups on the walls of shopping centers, drive thru menus, and city buses. If I knew I could channel Nietzsche, I sure as hell would have!

C. J. Summers said...

Maybe it was a British vandal with a cockney accent... as in, "'Ello, guv'nuh, your ride is 'ere!"