Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who Does Your Hair?

"Did you get your hair cut since the last time I saw you?"

"I did, I had my husband do it."

"Your husband?"

"I'm sure not paying $30 to have it cut in a straight line."

"I don't think I'd trust my husband to cut my hair."

"Well, it curls, so you can't really tell if it ends up uneven. I used to do it myself, but it's easier to make him do it. Then I get mad at him for doing it wrong, and then he swears he's never going to cut my hair again, and then he forgets, and then I make him cut it again."

".... well, it's very cute."


Anonymous said...


My wife says the same thing. "I'm not paying $30.00 to have it cut in a straight line, you do it"

Then I usually say "what if I screw it up"
Her answer is then you'll be in trouble :P

Darkhawk said...

My husband does mine. He needs to redo the trim of my bangs from last week, though, 'cause he missed a bunch of wisps.

Jennifer said...

I was about to anwer "no one" but then I remembered, hmmmmm... no one ever asks me that question. Maybe there's a correlation?

Vieva said...

I do it myself. hubby refuses to on fear that if he screws up, I'll decapitate him.

he's silly. I'd just scalp him and use his hair as a wig. :P

Josh said...

At work, we had to go into a salon. A customer walks in and starts talking to us and says "You should have your hair done". I say, "Let's get one thing straight, I get my hair cut, not done".