Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Odds, Ends, and Bashes

Hit the blogger bash last night, at One World, and dragged Mr. McGee along with me. David Hendersen has the liveblog. We were a little bit crowded at the table (tables; we kept stealing more so we'd all fit) but we had a very good time.


Caught the News25 afternoon newscast yesterday (which rarely occurs; I'm usually still working) and the anchor team was a little bit punch-drunk. Two stories caught my attention that I thought were worth mentioning. First, there was a story on a Flat Stanley who got sent to Iraq. I couldn't decide if this story was adorable or deeply disturbing -- Flat Stanley went on multiple patrols and raids and fired a gun. OTOH, everybody adores Flat Stanley, including the unit he was visiting, who took a big group photo in battle rattle with Flat Stanley in the middle.

One of my college roommates had a Flat Stanley visit us, and that thing visited every tourist attraction in South Bend, was routinely stolen from us at bars by people wanting to take pictures dancing or drinking with Flat Stanley, and Stanley got half the football team to pose with him, sometimes miming a tackle. Everybody loves Flat Stanley. When one arrives, everyone's immediately like, "Ooooooooh, where can we take him?" and starts visiting tourist attractions they haven't bothered to go to in years. Best. Project. Ever.


The other story that caught my eye was the American Diabetes Association's Kiss-a-Pig fundraiser on June 15 at the Paradice. My vet, Dr. Bryan Wulfekuhle, is apparently up as one of the pig-kissers and was on the news promoting the event, as he is himself diabetic. This was notable for my family because when Orange Cat was diagnosed with diabetes, Dr. Wulfekuhle took over and managed his treatment. He told us he was diabetic himself and therefore had always been interested in the disease in animals. He was all-around reassuring and helpful -- and longtime readers will recall that I just about had a nervous breakdown over it, so there was an awful lot of reassuring going on, although it was actually his colleague, Dr. Zygadto, who got to have me have minor hysterics in her office when I had to learn to do the shots. I think the hysteria made an impression on her because whenever I see her at the vet's office in passing, she always asks me if the shots are going okay.

This is probably an excellent time for me to be mentioning my vets flatteringly on my blog anyway (Meadowbrook Vet, on the 150 access road near Cheddar's, you should all go), since it's rabies shot time! And that means Grey Cat has to go to the vet. Orange Cat is well-beloved at the vet's office; they always want to keep him (he has to stay over for a while when he gets his blood sugar checked) because Orange Cat is a sweet-tempered cat even when you're sticking him with things. Grey Cat, on the other hand, has bloodied several vets and vet techs and got banned from his last vet before Meadowbrook (the vets at Meadowbrook use a kitty straight jacket and raptor gloves to handle him). After last year's experience, though, I am making my husband take the cats to the vet this year. Fair is fair.


Class starts again next week, so today's goal is to finish my syllabus. Back to the textbook!


anon e. mouse said...

My son sent Flat Stanley to GA to train with my buddy's group before they deployed. Then, when he came back, my daughter re-designed him with fatigues and helmet and he deployed.

Also, a stuffed animal mascot from where I work made the trip to Iraq and back.

There is a new character, though. Check out "Flat Gorby" - Gorby is the much loved, much missed dog of Sunita Williams, who is currently living off the planet in low earth orbit. FLat Gorby is now showing up everywhere.

Kim said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.