Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Me! On TV!

I'm going to be on WHOI this afternoon, the 5 o'clock news.

I am now madly doing laundry in the hopes of having something to wear. Probably I should have thought about clothes sometime sooner than SEVEN HOURS BEFORE THE INTERVIEW, but oh well.


Vieva said...

what, you don't do nude interviewing?

man, no wonder there's never anything good on TV!

*runs very fast*

C. J. Summers said...

Nice job! I think you performed a valuable public service by reminding Peorians that not everyone is a "lifer" and directions need to reference current landmarks, not old ones. However, the Radisson is on Western, not Main. :-) Hee hee. Couldn't resist. Sorry.

C. J. Summers said...

Seriously, you did a great job. I wish you would have had more time to maybe share one of the things you learned in your gardening class.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Thanks, CJ. :) I had fun. I LOVE seeing the weather green screen.

But yeah, it was a quick interview. I'll just have to talk about gardening class on my blog. :D

Diane Vespa said...

Great job. You were very natural, and a cute topic. Reminds me of how when I moved to Illinois from Pittsburgh everybody would use North and South while giving directions. We never did that in Pittsburgh... since it was so hilly very few roads when straight N,S, E or West. So I would have to keep asking "is that a left or right", until finally I just learned my N, S, Easts and Wests. I chuckle now when giving a client directions and they ask "is that a right or a left?".

Ric Kearbey said...

I thought you were great too. It was a fun segment. I'm glad you like the green screen. It is cool. You would really love to see me do the weather on Halloween while wearing a green cloth over my head. On TV, I'm the headless weatherman but in the studio, I'm a dork standing in front of a green wall with a green cloth over my head!

Peoria Pundit said...

I also noticed how out-of-towner McGinnis also didn't know where the hotel was located.

b "no other initial needed" plain ol' b said...

Green screens are fun.

or blue screens.

Either way when one walks into a room completely made of blue or green and has to watch people be serious in an attempt to make fiction comedy ensues or at least it does in my head). I mean seriously if you had to watch people act out star wars in smurfland wouldn't that be just a bit funny?

And actually they's probably bonus material of a how to on special FX on one of those DVDs.

Television: It's more than meets the eye.