Monday, April 02, 2007

zOMG, Knight in Dragonland is in the Chicago Trib!

I was flipping through lazily today and scanning the op-eds, and suddenly sat up -- Knight in Dragonland's blog is quoted in the Trib's "In Other Words" on the op ed page! (Which I assume he does not yet know because it's not mentioned on his blog.)

They quote this, from this post:

There is no right to smoke. Smoking in a restaurant or bar is an assault on the lungs of non-smoking bystanders. A restaurant would be shut down if they let some customers poison the food of the other customers. What’s so different about the air?

You can see it at the Trib's site here. Knight, I'll save you the paper! Way to hit the big leagues!


knight in dragonland said...

Isn't that special. I'm in the big time now. :)

knight in dragonland said...

I'm sure C.J. is groaning about now. He's been hammering me on that post since I put it up! LoL

Jennifer said...

I wonder how the found the blog post?

knight in dragonland said...

That's a good question, Jennifer. I wonder that myself.

I've made several posts regarding second hand smoke and public smoking bans on my blog, and I've frequently commented on other blogs (Pundit, Chronicle, Scott Janz, Chef Kevin) about this topic as well. We've had some pretty good debates. I guess it caught someone's attention.