Monday, April 09, 2007

Will This Cold Snap Never End????

It is seriously confusing my efforts to change out my winter wardrobe for my spring wardrobe. (We have no. closets. so my offseason clothes must live in Tupperware.)

The tulips are now definitely a loss. Our kitchen counter has been entirely taken over by seedlings that had to come inside to survive the cold, and our bathtub has lingonberries in it and is awaiting the arrival of our apple trees, which stupid warm California shipped because it's warm out there. Stupid warm California.

I think it's affecting people, too. I'm EXTREMELY grumpy, and for some reason almost everyone I've had to deal with the last few days has been screamingly incompetent or totally out of it, to the point that I'm starting to wish slapping people was a legitimate adult form of coping with them.

I think I need a day off, a mug of hot tea, a ripping good novel (preferably one that makes me bawl), and some particularly vile form of comfort food, like cheese balls or Kraft Mac & Cheese. Either that, or a little sunshine!


anon e. mouse said...

Go plant a potato, for crying out loud!

Eyebrows McGee said...

they're still busy sprouting before we can cut sets. Need a few more days.