Monday, April 23, 2007

Why I Hate Grocery Shopping

I've gotten over hating the actual shopping part now that I have a store I know pretty well and I know how to cook, so I mostly go veggies, meat, dairy, deli, done, and I only have to go into one or two actual aisles for staples.

But the part I absolutely loathe, and every time I do it I loathe it more, is that you load everything into your cart. Then take it out, onto the belt. Then back in to go to your car. Then back out, and into your trunk. Then out of the trunk and into the house. (And, I suppose, out of the fridge, into your mouth, and finally out the far end.)

To get food from the grocery store to my house, I have to pick it up and put it down five separate times. The same food. Over and over and over. Ridiculously inefficient.

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it's maddening, and every time I shop I get a little more annoyed about it.


Phoibos said...

I don't mind the series of "move stuff around" so much; what gets me at the grocery store is the fact that about 50% of the checkers are slow and inefficient at their job, and 85% of the baggers are. I bring my own bags, which confuses them even more, and more often than not leads to me sendind the bagger away so I can do it myself. Lately I've become enamored of the self-service scanners; even though I'm effectively paying for a service I don't use (the human checkers and baggers), I like being able to pack things the right way and get out more quickly.

anon e. mouse said...

Another reason to have children. I will call home from the parking lot of the grocery store and the troops will be assembled to help carry stuff in and put it away. (One Note: Don't but anything in glass jars unles you intend to carry it in yourself)

I have my boys reasonably trained to take out the trash and we are currently giving lessons for the older kids to mow (or at least trim) the lawn.

Tony said...

This is the exact reason I hate grocery shopping as well...

sue said...

This is why I love shopping!
Why not do what I do...I order food online from Schnucks and have it delivered. It's a mere $12.50 delivery charge but well worth it to me.

Not only do I not have to drive there, park my car, go up and down aisles looking for something that unbeknown to me, they have moved it to a ridiculous place, stand in long lines, unload the grocery cart, wait until everything is scanned, bagged, and paid for. I don't have to push the cart to my car, unload it into my trunk, drive home, unload it and carry heavy bags into my house. It's especially nice if the weather is bad, rain, snow, wind, etc. Don't forget the dings in my car from other inconsiderate shoppers and run away carts.

Best of all I don't have to worry about being held up at gunpoint for a small amount of change, being carjacked, panhandlers or worry about some scammer tampering with my car!

I can order the same thing that is in the sale ad, use coupons and pay with check or charge. I choose when I want the groceries delivered. If there is something that you can't find on their virtual store, ask for it and they will include it in your order.