Monday, April 02, 2007

Radio Stations, and My Brain Hurts

So first off, I am thoroughly shamed because it turns out there's all KINDS of things on Peoria radio I didn't know about but half of the local radio folks have been kind enough to inform me. And included their station numbers. So now I can find actual stations on the radio, which is a new and different thing for me.

My car radio is possessed by gremlins. The clock has never run on time (it constantly speeds up, as much as 10 minutes over the course of a month) and I gave up trying to fix it years ago, because fixing the clock resets all the radio presets (it's not supposed to) and doesn't solve the problem where the clock can't keep time. My radio presets mostly work right, except periodically when I try to change one it changes them all. So basically I drive around Peoria listening to whatever radio station my husband was listening to when he last borrowed my car, because he knows tons of local radio stations (as he drives all over central IL to little rural courthouses), and that's where it stays until the next time he borrows my car, because I've completely given up. I could never get my radio to hang on to one preset long enough that I could get to remembering the station, and it took me too long to figure out what were actually Peoria stations and what weren't and what would disappear if I went down to cross the river or tried to drive out to Grand Prairie.

So anyway, this was a good moment to mention it because now I'm being flooded with suggestions for radio listening and, by golly, I'm going to go reprogram my radio. Because now that I'm teaching at ICC, I'm in the car a heck of a lot more often. This will probably require digging out the instruction manual and issuing five or six beatdowns, but for the first time in three years, I shall have radio presets that stay preset!

Which leads me to the reason my brain hurts: Teaching is HARD! Writing tests is a LOT HARDER than taking them. Yeesh! It also comes at you a lot faster, since you've got to be about a week ahead of where the students are in terms of preparation, so I hit midterms last week when I started prepping the test and study guide while the kids won't actually get there until this Thursday. This is confusing to my brain, which was on a student's schedule for 20-odd years.

Now, adjuncts get a few perks, and the single best perk of all is that I get to take a free class every semester I teach. FREE SCHOOL! I have this whole list of classes I want to take, mostly agriculture, voc-tech stuff, or sciences (as I was a liberal arts major, my education is notably light on post-secondary science). I'm trying to decide between basic electrical wiring, anatomy, and native plants for the summer. I'm also jonesing for basic soils (I love soils! I bet I already own the textbook), economics of food, plant propagation, zoology, botany ... . I could keep myself entertained for years.

But maybe I should sneak a radio class in there, too. Because when I was in college I was a guest on college radio shows a couple times and it was the funnest thing ever. Once they even let me read the weather and I did it in this awesome smooth "radio voice" and was very proud of myself. I love being on radio.

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