Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nature Is Red in Tooth and Claw, and This Post Is a Little Bit Gross

There is an eviscerated, headless baby bunny in my backyard. I can't imagine what did it (dogs can't get in that part), but I find the whole thing gross and disturbing. I had to share with teh internets to get the ickiness out of my brain.


Tawnzie said...

Cats? Birds?


anon e. mouse said...

Most likely a cat.

'Tis the circle of life.

Last weekend, my kids were poking around a shed at my grandfathers place and found (relatively) complete skeletons of a raccoon and a 'Possum as well as a few selected bones from deer.
My 10 tear-old paleontologist wannabe spent an hour trying to fit teeth back into the jaws. We noticed that soem of the chew marks on the deer bones were so small they must have been made by a rodent.

Money can't buy that kind of experience.

steve r said...

most likely a fox. i have been seeing them by my house on prospect for the past 2 years. they left me a present of a rabbit and 2 squerls

Jennifer said...

Two Easters ago our dog got out of the house and when he came back, he ran right up to the kids during their easter egg hunt carrying a dead baby bunny in his mouth. Ugh. (We had to give many assurances that it wasn't THE Easter Bunny)

Peoria Pundit said...

Actually, it's a classic case of ritualistic animal sacrifice, no doubt there are Satanists afoot. EVERYBODY PANIC!