Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fort Box

This was Grey Cat's weekend project. (And isn't that picture cool? My new camera has funky color functions. That's sepia tone.) Grey Cat believes all boxes exist for the purpose of his amusement and never, ever has there come a box into this house that he did not promptly stuff himself in.

This one was standing upright when he tried to climb in, and it tipped over, slipping the packing peanuts EVERYWHERE. He first looked totally shocked, then started stepping on them, then got this absolutely delighted look in his manic eye. He played on them for a few minutes, swatted them around, then retreated inside the box and has basically been sitting in there, very self-satisfied, ever since. Unless you try to step on his packing peanut caltrops, in which case you must be attacked. Particularly if you are Orange Cat.


Anon E. Mouse said...

Wow. You link to "caltrop" and Peoria has it's own sentence or two. I am sure most of us would have been less confused if you'd have used the "jackrock" term.

Jennifer said...

I am with grey cat on this one. Boxes rock. My favorite toy as a child was a refrigerator box; my sister's and I played with that box until it was completely destroyed.
Oh, the good old "jackrock days;" my dad worked at CAT, and I remember them well.

Eyebrows McGee said...

I had never heard them called "jackrocks" before in my life!

Apparently I read more military medieval history and less union strife history. :D