Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Any Given Tuesday II - More Randomness

And then I saw a nun in Home Depot in full-on habit. Most nuns these days are plainclothes (which, a friend of mine from college complains, is sneaky, because you could be swearing up a storm in front of the nun without ever knowing she's a nun, and herein he speaks from experience), so it's always sort-of funner when you see a nun in a habit. At Home Depot. Buying light bulbs.

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jenjw4 said...

There is actually a convent and a monastery outside of Princeville. The monks actually wear long brown robes with sandals and belts. They are from France and are quite charming. The nuns are also French, wear full habit gear, and often ride bikes on the Princeville-Jubilee blacktop. They look so quaint in their getup on old fashioned bikes.