Monday, March 26, 2007

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! And 3D!

Eyebrows got a Wii! Mr. McGee went and got me a voucher at the butt crack of dawn (which occurs at 9 a.m. on Sundays) so I could get my Wii. And I spent all Wiikend playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess instead of doing something productive. I have not been this excited about Zelda since I first met those Octoroks 20 years ago. (Seriously, can you believe the first Zelda came out 20 years ago???) My only complaint is that there are waaaaaaaay too many cinematics early in the game. And actually getting to slash at things with your sword/controller? Most satisfying video game experience EVER.

I did not realize the Wii was so petite, although I think it definitely marks me as a child of the digital era that I said, "Wow, that's no bigger than a 250 gig external hard drive!" Like everyone else my age, I mark the passage of time by the smallness of the gaming consoles and the increase in graphics capability. It makes me shake my head in wonder like people used to when calculators got all small.

Last weekend (which was, sadly, not yet a Wiikend), we went and saw 3D Mania at the Rave (out at Grand Prairie), which I strongly reccommend. It's this new 3D technology and several movies are coming out in it (Disney and Dreamworks are both using it) since your home theater is now cooler than the movie theater and theaters need to do something new to make you go back to the theater.

I am a sucker for 3D, which may date back to a childhood trip to Disney World when we saw Captain EO, which starred Michael Jackson when he was still cool, before he was a child molester and before all the unfortunate plastic surgery. I am the ideal 3D audience because even though I am 29 years old and I know it's not there, I still try to grab at the 3D objects and I duck when they come flying at me.

Anyway, 3D Mania is actually three short films (about 90 minutes total) -- 3D Mania, which gives a little history of 3D and shows off the new technology (the history part was actually really neat); then Haunted House, which is a first-person tour through a haunted house, except you're a cat; then Haunted Castle which is about rock stars making Faustian bargains with the devil to be famous. There's an intermission between the 2nd and the 3rd (in which the theater manager came and gave us all passes to thank us for coming to check out the new technology). The first two are fine for kids (Haunted House is Hallowe'en spooky -- things kids know aren't real and are meant to be scary), but Haunted Castle has a couple brief scenes of violence that are fairly PG-13, so you might take the kiddies and leave at intermission.


Star said...

*LOL* Toldjaso! Glad to hear you got one. :) We found one not too long ago and it's been great. If you haven't tried Wii Sports yet (which comes with), you totally should, especially bowling and tennis. It's a ridiculous amount of fun even for non-sports-oriented people and good exercise to boot.

Also, if you ever feel like having a Wii party with friends, check out Warioware Smooth Moves. You have to spend an hour or so going through single-player mode in order to unlock the multiplayer content, but once you do having last-man-standing competitions is the most. Party. Fun. Ever. Especially since you get to watch all your friends make total fools of themselves trying to get through all the minigames and weird poses. (Plus, it only uses one controller regardless of the number of players--you pass it around--so it doesn't matter if you haven't also managed to get your hands on extra Wiimotes.)

I can't believe it's been 20 years since the original Zelda... Eeeek. I feel old now. But if you really want to play it again, you can download it from the Wii Shop channel! :D Ye gods, I could go on about this thing for hours... Think I'll stop now.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Wii Sports IS fun -- I particularly like the boxing. Warioware Smooth Moves is on my "rent from Blockbuster" list so I can try out a few games before springing $50 on them. Because since I'm not a 17-year-old boy, that strikes me as a lot of money to spend on a video game so they'd better be good!

I am SO going to get a ton of used GameCube games, though. There were several my brother had on GameCube that I loved (notably Pikmin) but I refused to spend money on a console. Since the Wii is backwards compatable ....

ErickaJo said...

I love my Wii. Twilight Princess was just gorgeous. I haven't been able to play a Zelda game since the last on on Super Nintendo. Too many buttons, crazy combinations... but the Wii? Flailing my arms like an idiot? I can sooo do that!

I'm waiting for another good epic. In the meantime, Super Monkey Ball is fairly entertaining, and we're playing GameCube games (since we never had a game cube). There's a cooking game coming out that is making me raise my eyebrows, and Smash Bros looks beautiful.

And downloading my old favorites? Don't get me started. Kirby for life, ya'll.

Jennifer said...

I have actually seen "The Haunted Castle" in 3-D, at Navy Pier and it was awful.... awful, awful. The 3-D imagery was cool, but the content of the movie itself was tedious. I had the kids with me (then 11 and 12) and it was way too grown up for them, with too many frightening images. Did the section you see show the torture scenes from hell? It was really graphic.
I am so jealous of your wii purchase. I'm hoping that they will be readily available this summer so I can get one for the family for next Christmas.

Eyebrows McGee said...

yeah, the torture scenes where what I primarily objected to. That and the god-awful voice acting.

Also, my very second thought after "COOOOOOOOOOL ... it's 3D!" was "I bet there's a huge market for this technology in porn."