Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Have Traffic!

I discovered the most astounding thing this morning -- Peoria has traffic reports on the radio (Lite Rock 107 or whatever it is). I was absolutely delighted by this. Growing up in Chicago, every time we were heading for the expressway we'd turn on WBBM AM 780 to catch the traffic report and route plan on the fly, and the way they rattle all those numbers and names off at top speed I found very soothing and rhythmical. (I also liked the feeling of native superiority that I knew all the roads by their names rather than numbers, which makes the traffic reports almost totally useless to non-Chicagoans who don't realize all Chicago expressways have names.) Not that I liked the traffic. Just the traffic reports.

Since I left Chicago, I haven't lived anywhere really large enough to have traffic reports unless there was a major accident or something. So I was just charmed when I heard traffic on the radio this morning, even if they don't rattle it off quite so fast.


Anon E. Mouse said...

I lived there for a couple of years and never understood them. All I know is, that if I knew where it was, I would avoid the Edens, the Eisenhower, and whatever road you'd take between the Post Office and the Junction, because they were always stop-n-go or backed up.

C. J. Summers said...

EM, you know I like you, but with all due respect, where have you been?? WMBD (1470 AM) has had traffic reports ever since construction started on Upgrade 74 somewhere around 2002-2003. :-)

Eyebrows McGee said...

I don't really listen to radio, that's where. The radio in my car has issues and is constantly resetting my presets, so I eventually just gave up. Whatever my husband sets the radio on when he borrows my car is where it stays because I don't know any stations.

Tony said...

I too love listening to Chicago traffic reports, usually WLS. Until I replaced the radio in my truck I listened to WLS regularly from Peoria but the new radio is crappy on AM so I sometimes have trouble with WMBD.

I couldn't believe my ears when the traffic reports came to Peoria, mostly because Ken Zurski was WLS's afternoon traffic guy "Grant Parke" (ha-ha) in the 2000-2001 era.

Dan Dermody said...

Eyebrows! We at "Classic Country 1290, WIRL" have had traffic reports during morning and afternoon hours for years. Ken Zurski in CEFCU "Traffic One" does reports for us, also for Lite Rock, WXCL, WMBD, and "The Drive". He did an incredbile job of keeping everyone informed during the I-74 construction. Before coming to Peoria, he worked in traffic at WLS in Chicago, under the name Grant Park. Check out the link to his website on OUR website, at

Jennifer said...

There is something soothing about the traffic reports. Oh, and also, those true crime documentaries... I put one on A&E at bedtime whenever my husband is out of town, and somehow, listening to how one spouse offed the other puts me right to sleep. I think it's the soothing voice of the narrator (my husband is not so sure).

L said...

You were charmed by the Chicago traffic reports? That is a refreshing take. They make me INSANE because they are worthless to a downstate native like me. Despite my fondness for maps, I have never mastered which number corresponds to what name (printed on the map in 5-point type). When my Chicago friends speak to me with the name, I always remind them that they have to give me the interstate's number. Rarely do they know it.

Eyebrows, you are a delight.