Monday, March 19, 2007

Verily, Your Ethics Are Well-Aligned

Today I start teaching my ethics class at ICC, so in honor of that I offer my favorite story of wonky ethics, which is 100% true:

When I was living in Durham, N.C., I had a friend who was very morally uptight and fairly judgmental. All kinds of things you wouldn't imagine had moral implications would get her knickers in a twist about how evil they were, like getting a haircut she didn't like. (Seriously.) One night we were chatting with a couple other people and she was in quite a state.

"I'm getting the Playboy Channel through my cable! It's partly scrambled, but you can still see all kinds of ... things. They shouldn't even be allowed to show that filth on television. There should be a law against it! It's disgusting! It's immoral! What if a child saw it?"

"Friend," I asked her, "why don't you just call the cable company, tell them it's incompletely scrambled, and have them block the channel?"

"Because I'm getting cable for free and if I tell them, they'll cut it off or make me pay for it!" she replied. With no trace of irony whatsoever. None.


Jennifer said...

It's good to see you teaching at ICC. I went there for two years and had many, many great teachers, despite the low pay. (I followed ICC with ISU and actually liked ICC better.)

Peoria Pundit said...

Waitaminute ... did you say "block the Playboy channel ..."


What kind of sick, demented fiend are you?!

Those young women bared their souls (and other things) for us to appreciate what nature has to offer. And you want to BLOCK THE CHANNEL?