Monday, March 05, 2007


Peggy asked if I have a good tailor, and the answer is I DON'T and I really need one. As I am only 5'2", I either have to wear 3" heels all the time (my usual option) or have every pair of pants I buy hemmed. The heels are great for dress pants, but in jeans it's a little annoying to be always rolling up the cuffs so I don't step on them. And on top of THAT, I've got a bridesmaid's dress coming that needs drastic alterations, so I am DEFINITELY in the market for an excellent local tailor.

Anybody got one?


Anonymous said...

Star tailor in the twin towers mall, great guy.

Kara Harris said...

Kay Gray
688-1335 said...

Only problem w/Star is that he smokes in his shop.