Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Clearance: Cirque, the Judge, & Fritch

Mr. McGee and I went to see Cirque du Soleil's "Delirium" yesterday, which was entirely awesome. I'd never seen Cirque before and it was super-cool. I will definitely see them again. The music and dance and story was neat, but the core of the show remains the acrobatics and aeriels, and they were fantastic. It was really interesting how they tied together the acts and moved smoothly from one to the next with dance and music and so forth.

My only complaint about the evening was that the couple on our right apparently thought they were in a bar, since they came to Cirque to get EXTREMELY DRUNK and TALK AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS the entire time. The woman kept demanding to go by us to go get more liquor.

After the show we moseyed over to the Pere Marquette hotel bar to get a drink before heading home, to give the parking lots a chance to clear out. (Although I do note, Peoria, that of all the places I've lived, you are by far the kindest, best-behaved, and most efficient about clearing everybody out after a major arena event. People are very patient and very nice about letting others in front of them and moving it all along at a reasonable speed.) Right after we walked in, the couple that had been sitting/drinking next to us at the show stumbled in. I went to the bathroom, and while I was in there, the woman (who was far and away the drunker of the two), stumbled through the bathroom door, staggered face-first into a wall, looked around in confusion, and stumbled back out. Ooooooooookay.

They were still drinking when we left the bar.


Mr. McGee went into court the other day, and the judge said, "Why aren't you wearing your fedora? I read all about on your wife's blog!"

I laughed and laughed and laughed when he related this to me. I feel a little bad, because Mr. McGee is a very private person and he's married to, well, me. Everywhere he goes people say, "Oh, I know your wife!" or "Oh, I read your wife's blog!"

"I'm sorry, dear," I said to him, still laughing. "But just imagine how bad it would be if we had the same last name and everyone could TELL we were married!"

(And shout-out to the judge: Hey, judge!)


I like to mention businesses that do me a good turn, like Fred the Shoe Savior (who most recently rescued my favorite $80 high-heeled loafers for which I paid $35 probably 6 years ago and put another 4 or 5 years on them by reheeling them beautifully. For $8.) and Troy the Cat-Loving Plumber. It can be really hard to find good people to do business with, so when I discover one, I want to do my best to send them business and give them kudos.

So for heating and cooling, I whole-heartedly urge you to call Fritch Heating and Cooling, who just did my yearly furnace service and have been helping me with the squirrel/fireplace problem with my chimney. The weather keeps foiling our efforts, but the front office has been totally helpful in scheduling, and rescheduling, and rescheduling to get a guy out here to barricade my chimney.

The daughter of the owner lives a couple houses down from me, and was actually one of my very first friends in Peoria, so I'm fond of them for other reasons as well. But I basically deal with the women in the front office, whom I don't know, and the service techs, whom I don't know, and I could not get better service if every time I called I announced, "I KNOW YOUR BOSS!" I've had to have them out for an after-hours emergency (heating kicked out when it was below freezing, after 5, something to do with the blower, IIRC) and they were here within the hour (and at a very reasonable price, I have to say, for after-hours).

The daughter and her husband keep evangelizing me about getting a more efficient furnace (mine's only 80% efficient *sob*), so if you're looking at upgrading your HVAC with the rising electricity costs (or you just want to deal with honest and competent HVAC service for your yearly servicing), call Fritch.


ErickaJo said...

That is too funny! Your poor husband!

And I love Cirque. I saw Quiddam a few years back and I was moved to tears. I'd see them again in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I too love shoes. I have a belief that when life sucks, buy shoes. Shoes always fit no matter how much weight you lose ar gain. AND they are cool. I agree that there is nothing cooler than a fantastic pair of shoes found on sale. Thanks for the info on Fred. He will definitely be used by me, a shoeaholic. Do you have any suggestions on a tailor?