Monday, February 05, 2007

Too. Friggin. Cold.

Eyebrows likes winter, but is sick to death of this cold spell. Tom Skilling, Chicago's most enthusiastic weatherman, says it's called a "Siberian Express" and it means that instead of going around the pole from Siberia to Alaska, the jet stream has shifted so it starts in Siberia, goes up and OVER the North Pole, then down into the Great Lakes region. Thanks, Siberia! We were soooooooo hoping for all your air for Valentine's Day!

All I know is we haven't seen double digits (FAHRENHEIT double digits) in days and days and days on end and it's NOT GETTING BETTER. The forecast for the rest of the week has the "frozen thermometer" icon instead of a sun or clouds. "It's going to be so damn cold you're not going to CARE if the sun's out!" We're having daily highs like 4*F and 7*F. It's totally ridiculous (-15.5*C and -13.9*C for you metric types).

Meanwhile, the air is DEATHLY dry, which is a common thing in the Midwestern winter (especially when you add heat), but this is really, really bad because it's so cold. The air is SO DRY that we're getting SNOW MELT at 7*F (well below freezing) because the air is actually sucking up the snow for moisture. (What's that called? Sublimation or something? It's not actually melting, but if you talk about Snow Sublimation people think you're mad.)

Eyebrows has relatively dry skin to begin with, which is fine in the summer, but in the winter I peel and crack like a trendy paint treatment on HGTV. With this extended cold spell and associated dryness, I'm racing through Eucerin, putting it on twice a day just to keep the skin on my legs from falling completely off. I'm going through facial moisturizer like it's going out of style and my face is STILL always painfully dry. I've already GONE through an entire chapstick trying to keep my lips from cracking, plus real lip moisturizer three or four times a day. Saline nose stuff non-stop, or my nose just bleeds all the time. An entire pitcher of water a day. I am STILL DRY and can't keep ahead of it.

Eyebrows is, in short, miserable. And really itchy.


knight in dragonland said...

I'm really glad I have a garage now. When I pulled out this morning, the outside temperature gage on my car dropped from the mid-30's to 8 degrees by the time I got to work. My skin was actually stinging when I let my dog out this morning.

I prefer cold & dry to hot & humid any day, but I'll have to agree ... I could do with a little less cold right about now.

Mahkno said...

Siberia can keep the orange snow. No really... orange snow:

Anon E. Mouse said...

Sublimation - you are indeed correct.
From a solid (snow/ice) directly into a gas (water vapor).

knight in dragonland said...

Don't eat the orange snow! Scary, Mahkno. Russia is quite the environmental nightmare after 70 years of communism and 15 years of unregulated crony capitalism.

I wish today's fresh snow-dump would hurry up and sublimate. Good old-fashioned melting would work, too.

Jennifer said...

At least today it's sunny, while I'm inside I can pretend it's warm. I'm even planning a "warm weather meal" of gazpacho, corn on the cob, bar-b-que chicken and strawberry shortcake. We are going to crank up the heat and spread a blanket on the living room floor. Play some tropical music and try to forget about our huge CILCO bill.

Anonymous said...

A suggestion for the dry - a humidifier. One of the little ones that's not a mist, but simply pulls air through a wicking medium. Run it in your bedroom while you sleep. My mother suffers terribly from dry skin, and getting one helped her a lot.