Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sump Pumps and Blog Slugs

I know I've been a blog sluggard lately; I've been terribly busy with actual work and prepping for my class at ICC. (First time you have to create a syllabus is always the worst.) The only exciting thing that's happened lately, other than today's blizzard, is that my sump pump outlet pipe froze, which apparently isn't supposed to happen. As I have a friend who had a $45,000 house fire from a sump pump issue (and we did not know the pipe was frozen, just that the pump motor was making a valiant effort to set itself on fire), I decided the smarter course here was to call my man Troy at C.L. O'Brien plumbing who has been visiting us with startling regularity the last few months to clean up some plumbing issues in the house that became irritating enough to fix.

Troy has my eternal gratitude because unlike the LAST plumber I dealt with (not C.L. O'Brien) who insisted that the fact that my shower was still dripping after he fixed it three times was a symptom of my inability to properly turn off faucets (???), Troy actually FIXED THE PROBLEM. And does a good job explaining the problem, my fix options, and what they'll cost. Troy also likes my cats, which is important because Grey Cat thinks he's a contractor whenever contractors come to fix things and he tries to help. I keep explaining to Grey Cat that he is neither licensed nor bonded as an HVAC tech, an electrician, OR a plumber, but Grey Cat blithely ignores any such foolish requirements that might impede the exercise of his Mad Repaircat Skillz.

So anyway, Troy came out and ended up having to saw the sump outlet pipe off near the wall, because we couldn't figure out a way to melt the ice in the pipe without melting the pipe itself, and part of the pipe was actually buried. Then he attacked the ice in the stump of remaining outlet pipe on the wall with an ice pick (and bloodied his knuckles, I felt bad), and then attached a new pipe at a much better slope so hopefully we will not have a re-freeze issue. Come spring and the thaw we'll have to dig up the buried part of the old pipe, which will wreak havoc on our bulb bed, but them are the breaks.

So to recap: Eyebrows reccommends C.L. O'Brien Plumbing. Ask for Troy when you call, and tell him I sent ya.


knight in dragonland said...

Thanks, Eyebrows! I've been looking for a good plumber.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Troy entirely rocks the house. One of our neighbors recommended him after he did a kick-ass total shower remodel/install for them, and we have been DELIGHTED with him.

And he really does like cats.

knight in dragonland said...

How 'bout crotch-sniffing chocolate labs? And would he come to Pekin?