Thursday, January 25, 2007

When "Fashion Victim" Is Not an Option

Today I took a survey on hair-care products, covering a wide variety of brands, for a couple of bucks, because apparently I'm a target demographic.

So I had to rate these 10 different brands in different categories, or say which adjectives or phrases applied to them. First I got things about how hair care products make me feel:

This brand makes me feel ....
Like I can do anything!
Like I'm on the cutting edge of fashion.
Secure in my self.
Like it cares about me and my needs.
Like I'm underlining my personality.

Okay, dude? If your personality is UNDERLINED BY YOUR HAIR CARE PRODUCT, you don't have a personality. You have a marketing demographic you bought from a brand that you're pretending is your personality because you haven't been able to come up with one on your own.

It's HAIR CARE. It does not make me feel like I can do anything. It makes me feel like I have clean hair. That's it. I have never noticed that my ability to function in the world is at all hampered by the frizzies.

Then we got into "what type of person uses this brand?" and I had to click to say which brands were used by people who are:


and so forth. Nowhere did I get options like "pathetic trend hound" or "more money than sense" or "fashion victim" or "pretentious." Because frankly? That's who a lot of these brands are marketed to.

And I have to wonder how useful this survey is as a market survey when you're not allowed to have negative thoughts about the brands; I mean, it's just a push poll. Somewhere in Hair Care Inc. headquarters, executives are saying, "Look at these numbers! Everyone surveyed loved our brand!"

More money than sense in the board room too, apparently.


xodiacs said...

This is funny.

LF said...


I take a lot of surveys and I am AMAZED at the sorts of things like this that I see listed. Like "this brand makes me proud"'s a deoderant or frozen French've got to be joking.