Sunday, January 07, 2007

Note to P&G: I Am Not That Smart

So they changed the packaging on my hair conditioner, which makes me CRAZY. And it's not a little change in color or something -- no, they've changed the bottle shape, the bottle color, the which-way-is-up of the bottle, the pictures on the bottle, the name of the conditioner, the scent of the conditioner, and even the color of the conditioner!

Okay, Proctor and Gamble, I AM NOT THAT SMART.

I shop for most products by scanning for the familiar package shape and color. If Cheerios were not yellow, I would never find Cheerios. Looking for a new product is always a PITA because you have no idea what it's going to look like. My goal in grocery shopping is to be in and out of the store as quickly as possible. I make a list sorted by areas of the store so I don't have to backtrack or search at random. Whenever the grocery store moves something, I seriously just stop buying it. They kept moving around the parmesan cheese and I just gave up buying it for 8 months. I'm not going hunting.

So for whatever reason -- I assume to draw new consumers in with their WOW! BAM! packaging -- companies feel the need to redesign their friggin' packaging every year or whatever. For a while it was the "feminine hygiene" products that were the worst, as Kotex and Always tried to introduce color-coding and symbols so we could apparently choose our products by secret code. Maddening.

Now Clairol has totally redesigned the entire Herbal Essences line. It took me 15 minutes to figure out which one was supposed to be my conditioner. I'm really not smart enough to guess when they change the packaging -- I need clues. I'm so irate about the whole thing I'm totally switching to Aubrey Organics.

Also? Now my hair smells like cucumbers. They say it's berry tea and orange flowers, but it smells like cucumbers.


HeartShadow said...

I hate the "scents" on those things. It never smells like what it's supposed to, and half the time? it makes me hungry. That's really what I want out of my hair. hunger-inducing scents.

And I think they change the packaging in the hopes that people will buy the entire line or something. I swear. Meanies.

Darkhawk said...

I felt the same damn way when I had to replace my conditioner.