Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Chapeau

My husband came in the other day and announced, "I want one of those hats men used to wear with suits, you know? My head gets so cold walking to court and you can't wear a knit hat with a suit. You know what I'm talking about?"

"A fedora?" I asked, googling up a picture.

"That! I want one of those!"

I was so absolutely charmed by this that I didn't even point out fedoras haven't been worn since 1964. (Also, my own hat-wearing has probably warped his views on hats -- I'm entirely in favor of hats and wear them all kinds of places, really big ones with huge brims.) Plus, I think my husband will look super-handsome in a fedora. He's one of the few men these days who could really carry it off.

And he has a point -- when it's 11* and you're walking three blocks to court in a cutting wind, your head getts pretty darned cold, and a knit hat with a pompon on top isn't going to do it. And you'll get hat hair.

So, as his birthday is approaching, I have ordered him a Tilley, which is the Holy Grail of hats. Not because they're the most stylish, but because they're ridiculously well-made with careful attention to detail and a lifetime replacement guarantee and kickass customer service. (Mr. McGee knows what I ordered because you don't just off and order someone a random hat for their birthday. It's hard to explain why you're whipping tape measures around their head, for starters.)

So the next time you see a tall, thin man in an overcoat and fedora striding through downtown Peoria, it's either my husband, or an escaped film noir private eye from the 40s. Either way it's bound to be an interesting encounter!


anon e. mouse said...


Angie said...


Our friend Mick (pictured in the B section of the Journal Star today) often wears a fedora and I always remind him that he should be doing a scene from Sunset Boulevard.

HeartShadow said...

does Peoria have a rash of escaped film noir detectives?

Just asking. :D I hope he's stylin in his hat! (maybe he'll start a new trend!)

Gary said...

Great choice. Had a bit of a hat habit myself back in the day. Fedora's are always in style.

James said...

My Tilly hat once saved my life. Great hat.