Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winning Snowmageddon Quote

I think Billy Dennis is correct: Neil Albert Johnson has won Snowmageddon with his excellent statement that

"Peoria is home to the largest manufacturer of Earth-moving equipment in the world. Yet we can’t get our streets plowed in a decent amount of time."

— Neil Albert Johnson, Sports Pundit

Indeed. Shades of Michael Bilandic.


Chris said...

Eyebrows, this is in response to your question on the Pundit about people walking in the streets:

I have encountered people walking in the roadway on Main, Sheridan, Nebraska, University, and Forrest Hill. Granted it is easier than walking through snow a foot or so deep, but to me it helps to illustrate how lazy people are and their lack of respect for their fellow citizens. I wonder how many of these same people had to hoof it because they got their cars stuck or plowed around. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Scott J said...

I lived in Chicago in 79 and it wasn't so much the snow, or the plows. It was the lack of enforcement with people parking all over the place. Bilandic was thrownout because he wasn't in touch with what it took to clean the streets. As the City found out this weekend, neither were they.