Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Tubes

I swear, ever since the Internet became a "series of tubes," there've been all kinds of problems. It used to be that just my COMPUTER could get viruses, but now that they widened all those wires and fiberoptics into TUBES, it seems that people-viruses fit through too. I, for example, seem to have caught Billy's cold through the tubes. I read his blog post about being sick, and bam, I'm down for the count too.

And of COURSE I have no voice and of COURSE it's the day I have to make 8 billion calls for the Junior League and of COURSE it's the night of my husband's office Christmas party, which is going to have really excellent steak and my tastebuds are not working, and all *I* want to do is crawl into a hole and doze intermittently between doses of cold medicine.

I blame Senator Stevens (R-Alaska). Stupid tubes.

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knight in dragonland said...

Senator Stevens should take his tubes and jump off the bridge to nowhere.