Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowed In

Here in Central Illinois we're all snowed in, and it's really quite lovely. Now that the storm has stopped it's sunny and brisk outside, not bitter, and the entire neighborhood is out shoveling and chatting and wading down the unplowed, shin-high street to chat. Mr. McGee is ostensibly shovelling the driveway, but he and every teenager in the neighborhood are actually throwing snow at one another with shovels. The cats and I are prudently indoors by the fire.

My neighbors and I are considering pooling our liquor and drinking until we get warm when the shovelling is finished, but with a snow day right before the weekend, nobody's in any hurry to do anything but eat and drink and chat.

Our street is about 12" to 15" deep according to our yardstick; lots and lots of that is drifting. Parts of our yard are really low, but anywhere there's anything for the wind to blow against it's deep -- in some places two feet. The wind is still a little howly but by and large a lovely snow day!


Mahkno said...

Two days no mail.

Two days I do get the Journal Star.

Mahkno said...

I meant to put this in one post...

Shouldn't those be reversed? Of course I would feel very sorry for the mailperson who has to trudge through the snow as deep as it is.