Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PlayHouse Update

I haven't written anything about the Peoria PlayHouse lately, which will open in the Glen Oak Park Pavilion in 2008 (helping to PRESERVE the historic park rather than building ugly 70s cinderblock palaces of love -- er, learning -- on our open space, but I digress).

I'm eyebrows-deep in putting together the Junior League's semi-annual magazine, so my inbox is full of news about the Peoria PlayHouse.

First off, the PlayHouse is doing a fundraiser with these really fairly neat Design-your-Day calendars. My law firm is one of the sponsors, but I really didn't appreciate how COOL they were until I got one. They feature drawings by local children as the calendar art, which is adorable. The CALENDAR part of the calendar actually takes up most of BOTH pages, giving you a ton of space to write in -- and it features an 8th column on the far left, where you can add up to six family members' names, or categories like "school, work, appointments," or just leave it blank (which we did) to scrawl in notes for the week and grocery store lists.

When I was growing up, my mom had this complicated calendrical system wherein we all had to use code letters to designate ourselves on the calendar and the letter had to be circled. Anything not on the calendar didn't exist. If only she'd had a PlayHouse calendar, she could have just had all six of our names printed on the left-hand side, obviating the need for code letters!

You can check it out and order one here.

And speaking of (or clicking on) the website, I'm told it's getting [10,000] a lot of* unique visitors every month. You can also print off coloring pages of the exhibits, which I did not know until just now.

(*I am corrected and told that the statistical reporting has a flaw or two and it's not clear the # of hits per month!)

Programming continues for the Peoria PlayHouse Junior, where the Junior League hosts little learning-and-playing events out at Grand Prairie. I'm actually going to be helping with one in the spring about -- ready for it? -- STRANGE VEGETABLES! That's right, Eyebrows is teachin' the munchkins about kohlrabi, the outer-space veggie. I already forgot what the date is, but I'll let you know when it's coming up. (Also, I better have a real kohlrabi prop or I shall be sorely disappointed.)

Finally, an easy (and free) way to help out is to go to the Hamburger Helper Hometown Helper website and urge Hamburger Helper to support our project by posting a comment.


Anonymous said...

Eyebrows --

I promise that you will have actual kohlrabi props to use during your kohlrabi educational event! Kohlrabi is one of my favorite vegetables and a staple at my house, so come prepared to enjoy!

Thanks for your plug for the PlayHouse!

Johanna (PPH Community Development Chair)

Eyebrows McGee said...


Johanna rocks!

(And will get kohlrabi from the McGee garden next summer!)

C. J. Summers said...

Just out of curiosity, will the Playhouse be giving free admission to the school children from the new school in Glen Oak Park? And, if so, will they also be giving free admission to the other school children in Peoria? If not, how much will it cost for school classes to attend the Playhouse?

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

The Calendars kick butt! We're giving them out for Christmas presents (hope no-one in my family is reading this).

PlayHouse Chair said...

CJ - Admission prices have not been set yet for The Peoria PlayHouse; this is on our list to research. We are going to work really hard to keep the prices reasonable, because our vision is to make the museum accessible to all children. One idea we are considering is to have joint ticketing with the zoo, so a person could attend both facilities on the same day. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks - Brenda

Eyebrows McGee said...

Thanks, Brenda. :)

C. J. Summers said...

Thank you for the information.

My only suggestion would be to ask school board member Jim Stowell if the silent majority has any ideas. He's able to divine people's thoughts even when they don't express them.

Anonymous said...

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