Monday, December 18, 2006


In college I used to wake up disoriented a lot, not from liquor (silly people, it took law school to drive me to drink), but because I was constantly moving home/dorm/home/new dorm room/home/dorm/whatever, and I had the same bedding both at home and in my dorm. I'd wake up and take a few foggy minutes to figure out what day it was, if I was late for class, and which bed I was in because I didn't want to fall from the top bunk by rolling over the wrong way.

Back then, I worked on the college paper, as a managing editor my senior year, so my weeks started with Ed Board and paper production at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening, and ran through 4 a.m. on Friday morning when the Friday paper went to press. My bodily clock was never anything vaguely like regular during those years. Which probably didn't help with the disorientation.

So Sunday morning, yesterday, I woke up with that familiar feeling of disorientation, absolutely sure it was Sunday, but with a nagging feeling that I didn't have Ed Board. Had it been cancelled? Had I slept through it? Was it break week? While lying there trying to figure out whether or not I had Ed Board, my husband rolled over and I absolutely panicked:


And then it hit me: I'm a grown-up. I'm married. I sleep in a queen bed, not a twin, and certainly not a bunk bed. I haven't rolled the wrong way out of bed in years. I no longer have a job that keeps me out until 4 a.m.

Thus reassured that in fact I had no Ed Board meeting and that every newspaper in America was content to go to press without my help, I went back to sleep.

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Bill Dennis said...

Oh, Lord. I had that experience just last week. I took a nap during the day and awoke in the evening. It was dark, I was in my living room with all the lights off. I had no idea where I was and when it was. I thought I was back in the house I grew up in on Frye and Maryland, no doubt because I was dreaming about it.