Monday, December 04, 2006

Car Craziness and Feline Foibles, Snowmageddon Edition

We're still basically stuck in the house. I ventured out this morning for a doctor's appointment, well over an hour before I had to be there. In 20 minutes I made it six blocks (the doctor is about six MILES away), got stuck three times (once leaving my own driveway), and lost traction completely twice. Plus I had a near-death experience with another driver who lost control, and I fumed at some JERK who wouldn't let me friggin' off the road when I had my hazards on and was trying to bail on the entire experience.

The side roads actually weren't bad at all, although it's like riding down a rutted country road it's so bumpy. I crawled down the side streets leaving my neighborhood at a respectable 15 or 20 mph. It was once I got onto the main road (University, in this case) that it was a solid block of ice with all the nice traction-y snow cover gone. We were moving 5 mph, and it was okay as long as you could keep rolling, but if you stopped, there was no traction to start again. In my six blocks I saw three cars/trucks lose control and slide or spin, and two left completely abandoned in the road. I decided I do not actually want to see a doctor badly enough to end up in the emergency room and gave it up by pulling into the Walgreens parking lot, stocking up on perishables, then driving back home over the nice safe snowy back roads.

I capped off my HOUR-LONG morning of vehicular terror by slipping in the driveway 10 feet from my house and wrenching the CRAP out of my knee, which is now swollen and tender but still bending. So unless it actively falls off, I'm not leaving this house to see a doctor until the roads are better.

I am both amazed and appalled that so many of my fellow Central Illinoisians went to work today. It's seriously white-knuckle out there.

Meanwhile, the cats have grown in their winter coats, which means Orange Cat's fur sticks out a little more crazily, especially on his tail stump, but Grey Cat appears to have doubled in size he's so fluffy, and his winter coat is the softest thing I've ever felt, softer than mink or anything else. He may be a bit of an ugly brawler, but Grey Cat truly has the most beautiful fur in existence.

Grey Cat, as he does every year, became ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to make friends with the snow and got really aggressive about trying to escape the house when we opened the door. So we finally let him out in it, and it took 15 seconds, as it does every year, for him to decide that snow is a punishment from God AND HE'S NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE AGAIN, EVER.

However, he has achieved two of his major life-goals during this Snowmageddon weekend. He's been trying to crawl under the ledge of my desk ever since he was a kitten (when there was much more STUFF under there and no room for him; now he's just too big) and finally achieved his life's dream on Friday (more or less -- his butt didn't quite make it). He spent an hour under there with his eye all crazy and totally determined to stay there forever -- or at least until there was food to be had.

On Sunday we got out the Christmas decorations and started doing the indoor decor, and Grey Cat was pleased to become King of a Very Tiny Jungle. He's been napping in there ever since.

Orange Cat's life goals consist entirely of napping, eating, and purring, so Snowmageddon didn't interrupt him one way or the other.

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