Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Ever Happened to ...?

Plumber man is here and fixing my shower, glorious day. We've had no water pressure for two weeks -- but a constant leak. He's my new favorite contractor because he not only showed up, he came EARLY. (O'Brien Plumbing. Ask for Troy. He likes cats.)

In the meanwhile, I was wondering about a few local stories I seem to have missed the ends of.

Did they ever catch that home invader on Peoria's north side? We were all freaking out, and then suddenly there was just no more news about it.

Aaaaaaand having been called to go look at my new shower, I have totally forgotten my other question. Instead we'll go with, now that my ethnic foods mart has closed, where else can I go for basmati rice in bulk?

Oh, and is there anywhere in Peoria you can rent snowshoes and go snowshoeing?


Anonymous said...

Try Naturally Yours in the Metro Center for the rice. They also have a nice selection of bulk spices.

Anonymous said...

The asian grocer on Main by Bradley has the large burlap sacks of basmati.

Special Ed said...

Try china.

Anonymous said...

Good point, whatever did become of the "Prospect Prowler" or the " Richwoods Rapist" or whatever that was?