Tuesday, November 21, 2006

That's Perfesser McGee to You

During my last several weeks of infected misery, one bright spot was that I had an awful lot of reading to do to keep me entertained. In the spring I'm going to be teaching a class on business ethics at ICC as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, which means I'll be busting my ass for less money than I made in high school as a minimum wage slave. I am PSYCHED.

I'm ever so slightly bemused that I'm a professor of philosophy, since philosophers and theologians have strong opinions on one another and on one another's disciplines (ah, sibling rivalry), but I'm really pumped for the class. I'm happy with the texts I'm using (a rare thing in intro philosophy classes, I've found) and I just really like to teach. (Possibly because I am quite fond of the sound of my own voice.)

I'll also be teaching a second, totally different class in the spring. Through the Peoria Park District, I'll be teaching a class for kids about 8 to 12 on making clothes for American Girl dolls. One thing I haven't really talked about on my blog is my sewing; I embroider more or less constantly. I like to keep my hands busy, and I find it calming. This year I've been learning to make doll clothes -- I can't afford to keep framing as much stuff as I'm embroidering! -- as a way to improve my real-people-clothes-making skills. Making them in doll scale is faster and a lot less expensive, so I can experiment and make more mistakes. (Also I can do it by hand in a reasonable amount of time -- I prefer hand sewing to machine sewing because I do it for relaxation. Hand-sewing for full-sized people takes too long.)

Anyway, while I started it as a way to learn new techniques and improve my skills, I actually ended up enjoying making these tiny cute little outfits. I was never a doll girl growing up -- I preferred Legos -- so my entire family is amused that I'm outfitting this doll with a complete wardrobe, but hello! fashion!

So in the spring I'll be teaching a four-week class for little girls (or boys, I suppose - sewing is a life skill everyone should have at least minimal comptence at!) where they'll make a basic apron, a nightgown, and then, if they have time, a basic dress for American Girl or other 18" dolls. The nightgown is a great base pattern for all kinds of things, from bathrobes to dresses to sweaters, so they'll be able to head home with the pattern and keep sewing if they want to. Plus, do you know what those American Girl outfits COST? Sheesh! $5 in supplies at Hobby Lobby and you can keep your kid busy for weeks making her own.

So come spring I shall be Eyebrows McGee, Professor of Philosophy and Doll Couturier Extraordinaire.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of more work for less pay. The $ may not be there but the rewards are more immediate than say working up a litigation matter that may never get to trial and the students are more appreciative than clients in most cases.
Tom Higgins