Thursday, November 09, 2006

He Has a Point

Eyebrows: "I guess I have to go to the grocery store. Do you want anything?"

Mr. McGee: "I need syrup."

Eyebrows: "Nobody NEEDS syrup."

Mr. McGee: "But how else am I going to stay this sweet?"

Eyebrows: "..........."


C. J. Summers said...

Do you often start semantic arguments over innocent answers to your questions? ;-)

Eyebrows McGee said...

Indeed I do.

And I totally lost that conversation, lol. Chalk one up to Mr. McGee. :)

Jee Hae said...

Hi Eyebrows! I've been on and off kind of reading up on you. The syprup thing was a really walked into that one! I hope you are doing fantastic!

Billy Dennis said...

Professor: Of course these folks write better English that you do. They learned the Queen's English from a text book in a classroom setting (probably). You and I learned it on the streets, as it is really used.

Billy Dennis said...


I meant to leave this comment in the post that follows this one.

My error.cbkeo