Thursday, November 02, 2006

Grey Cat Loves Hallowe'en

Grey Cat could tell something was up by 4 o'clock, before the trick-or-treaters even started coming. This is a cat who ADORES Hallowe'en. All the coming and going of all the short people (Grey Cat loves children -- he's like, "Hrm, it SMELLS like a person but it's so SHORT and it keeps tipping over!"), all the different costumes and smells, he just loves it. Gets totally wound up.

I put a chair for myself near the door so I could sit while waiting for the trick-or-treaters and watching Treehouse of Horror ("and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!") and, as usual, the first time I stood up to hand out candy, Grey Cat stole my chair and refused to relenquish it. He's a big cat, remember, about 20 lbs., and a total brawler, so when he decides he's willing to bite even ME to keep his chair, he usually gets to keep it. Besides, I had to keep getting up to hand out candy and he kept stealing it if I threw him off. I ended up having to bring myself a second chair so I'd have somewhere to sit.

He watched with his one wide eye, lit with inner insanity, and not once did he make a break for freedom as he usually does when the door opens. Not when he might miss any of a ongoing pageant of short-statured strangers coming to the house. In between callers, he entertained himself by viciously attacking his own tail and generally being so totally hyper the slightest motion made him jump. Hallowe'en is like metaphysical catnip to him.

He was popular with the trick-or-treaters, too, since he was so big and bold and one-eyed and staring right at them. An excellent Hallowe'en doorman.

We only had around 150 trick-or-treaters this year, which was fewer than last year (when it rained). When we finally ran out of trick-or-treaters, Grey Cat had to gallop around the house five or six times to get out his crazy because he was so wound up, then he collapsed and slept like a very tired log for almost 12 hours, not even waking up to bother me for breakfast at some ungodly pre-dawn hour.

"It's a good thing you don't live in the jungle, Grey Cat," we reminded him, as we always do when he wears himself out and sleeps like this, so heavily we can actually pick him up and move him somewhere else without him waking up. "Tigers would eat you."

He did not even twitch.

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debra said...

You have the coolest cats!