Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tids and Bits from This Week

Apparently, the state DMV doesn't care if you put obscenities on your license plate as long as they're not in modern English. Yes, I'm talking to you I SWIVE. This particularly cracks me up because I have a special respect for people even more dorky than me. Chaucerian vulgarity on your license plate is spectacular.


I went to a spa and got myself a hot stone massage, which is basically like a regular massage except that they boil river rocks and then use those to massage you. It absolutely rules. The masseuse noted (as every LMT and doctor I've had since I was 18 has noted) that I have ridiculously tense shoulders, and that I am possibly the tense-est person in the North America. While it is true that Eyebrows isn't so good at the relaxing, I don't think I'm the most tense person on the continent; I just like to store my tension in my shoulders so it's handy if I need it.


Having lived in my home for two and a half years now, I thought I might as well get around to hanging some family snapshots. Of course I chose two freakishly hot days of October to do it (92 and 95*F) and of course I was hanging them in my stairwell which draws heat like a chimney and is far and away the hottest part of the house when it's stinky outside. Sweating aside, I now have relatives to look at when I go up and down the stairs, and I don't have to trip over the box of "photos I'm going to hang up next week, really, I'm getting to them" that's been sitting in my hallway since we moved here.


Diet Dr. Pepper is not a good breakfast soda.


Mahkno said...

Wow... Chaucer.

Scott J said...

"Boil River Rocks"...and that felt good?

Eyebrows McGee said...

It feels like HEAVEN.

Of course they're not still boiling when they start using them. They let them cool off just a titch first. Try it - they do it at the Aveda salon at Grand Prairie next to the Jones Bros. Jewelers. Five Senses Spa.

Angie said...

A friend bought me a gift certificate for the swedish massage but I wonder if I should try the deep tissue instead. Rob says my back needs a jackhammer to work out all the knots. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

anon e. mouse said...

What river did the rocks come from? I'd want to know that, first.

Anonymous said...

Actually river rocks are quite appealing to the senses,however, you really cannot beat an oriental massage with a happy ending.

pollypeoria said...

um, what doeseth ISWIVE mean, exactly. I didn't study Chaucer curse words in college. Damn, my education is lacking!