Monday, October 30, 2006

Procrastination DOES Pay!

And it pays in Target gift cards!

A few months ago my credit card company had a security breach and so we all got assigned new numbers. This was slightly irritating as I had the old one memorized, but I appreciate the part where they're protecting me from identity thieves. Well, sorta, anyway. I had changed most of my recurring-charge services to the new number, but apparently I missed the Chicago Tribune. Actually, I think the Trib missed me -- before I went on vacation to England, I put the paper on vacation stop and changed my billing info at the same time, and apparently neither went through because I got papers the whole time I was gone.

Anyway, they sent me a letter saying my billing was out of date and I kept MEANING to get to it, but I've been really busy, so I didn't. I finally got around to it today and I'd waited so long to do it that when I called they'd thought I was cancelling and gave me a $25 Target gift card to stay with them!


Procrastination pays off in Target gift cards!

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