Monday, October 30, 2006

New Phones

We got new cell phones, finally, since Mr. McGee's screen was broken and my battery could no longer hold a charge. I HATE getting new cell phones, because I absolutely loathe learning new systems of how to access my contacts and find new ringtones and get everything set right. I hate moving all the phone numbers over to the new phone. I hate how every phone has a different speed dial system. And I get disturbingly emotionally attached to my phones, so I hate trading them in for a new one. Even, as in this case, when I absolutely LOATHED my existing phone from day 1 because never was a more counterintuitive interface designed by man or beast. I'm STILL emotionally attached to the phone.

Anyway, we got new phones. There were only two phones available to us because we don't want camera phones -- most courthouses in Central Illinois don't allow camera phones in the building. (Neither, for that matter, does Caterpillar. And yet only two models available without cameras!) So I'm pretty happy with my new phone, which has a ridiculously long battery life because it has NO OPTIONS at all, except what I don't like is that I can't download ringtones! It's the basic, stripped-down workhorse model, so no new ringtones for me.

This is tragic, because they were the one "fun" cell phone thing I loved. I don't want to take pictures, or play games, or listen to music, or send text messages, but I am ALL OVER ringtones. When Mr. McGee called me, my phone would play this stereotypical porn music and announce "Incoming ... booty call! Incoming ... booty call!" in a sexy porn voice. (Mr. McGee hated this ring but as I pointed out, it's not like HE had to listen to it.) When my sister, a Domer, called, my phone rang the Notre Dame Victory March. When my brother called, the Super Mario theme song.

But now I have a new, ringtone-less phone, so no incoming booty calls for me for the next two years. It's really sad. On the other hand, the new phone is blue, and I like blue so much it makes up for a multitude of sins!

(Note to tech companies: Make technology pretty and apparently people will ignore lack of features.)

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