Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Having given up - for now - on the idea of a contractor who actually shows up to build us built-in bookshelves, we sprang for a pair of decorative ones in the living room off the rack. They aren't as awesome as built-ins, nor do they hold as much, but they SHOULD get the last remaining few boxes of books up off our basement floor.

We decided my theological library would migrate upstairs, since a lot of the books have nice bindings and since I reference them a lot but just for one or two sentences, so I'm always running up and down the stairs for just a couple things. So today I've been busily ferrying up an armload at a time of theology. I'm done with Bible, liturgy, and ecclesiology and ready to start on theological classics, moral theology, and the problem of evil.

The thing I hate about moving books is that I get very accustomed to my arrangement on the shelves, and then when I move them, it takes me months before I can find them in the new system without endless searching. Of course these shelves are nothing like the shelves my books USED to be on, so everything's moving all over the place. I typically sort my theology books by my areas of academic interest (rather than author or title or religion or even Dewey Decimal topic), so I at least have some flexibility when not quite all the preaching books will fit on this shelf and, hey, didn't I also reference that book a lot in New Testament? But still. Undoing those nice, neat rows and moving my books all around is wrenching and I know two weeks from now I'll be searching madly for my Harnack and he'll be off in some corner mingling with the preachers and I'll be terribly confused.

But still -- bookshelves!


HeartShadow said...

but think, now the books all get to make new friends!

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

You should've called me, I'd help you build some shelves!

Billy "The Bookworm" Dennis said...

Laura: When you get over your cold, come on over to my house and hang some bookshelved.

I have books stacked all over the place.