Friday, October 20, 2006


Mr. McGee and I have caught some nasty autumnal bug. I blame it on the fact that we live less than a block from two elementary schools, where the small children go create their germ stew and we get to see evolution in action as all their little viruses mingle. The problem is that as we don't actually HAVE children, we have no immunity to the world of elementary school superbugs. They walk past our house, sneeze, and I'm sick for two weeks.

I know this is a superbug because while I have terrible fall allergies and catch every limping little weenie-virus floating around Peoria in the autumn because my immune system is too busy attacking tree crap and mold to pay attention to ACTUAL DEADLY DISEASES, Mr. McGee hardly EVER gets sick.

So when he came home yesterday and said exultantly, "I won my jury trial!" (long pause) "I think I'm going to lie down," I knew that we were in for trouble. And indeed, we're both headachy, ear-clogged, nose-running, exceedingly cranky sacks of humanity. We spent most of last night snapping at each other and the cats before sleeping so restlessly we repeatedly woke one another up.

Unfortunately I have to work today; I'd really rather be lying in front of daytime television soothing me with its siren song while I drool gently on my pillow and sneeze every few minutes in a pleasing counterpoint to Judge Joe Brown's smackdowns.


Billy "Phlem Factory" Dennis said...

Oh ... so not having kids causes these horrible chest colds that last for a month?

Almost makes me want to go out and plant my seed somewhere. I hate being sick.


Eyebrows McGee said...

Yep. When you live with them, you get totally immune to their mutant germs. But when you're only exposed to them intermittently, children are terrible germ vectors!

knight in dragonland said...

I must say you are correct, Laura. I have four "germ factories" living with me ... and I'm a pediatrician. My immune system is now ten foot thick reinforced titanium. I've had one minor cold since I moved back up to the Peoria area from St. Louis. I attribute that to the different "bug" milieu.

knight in dragonland said...

Of course now I'm going to come down with the plague or something equally nasty.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Geez, Knight, you must have the best immune system EVER!

KEAlms/SAPartridge said...

Eyebrows --- Wonder cure from the castle of seven children -- Bragg's Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Take a tablespoon in a 16 oz glass of water (room temp, some people prefer cold to lessen the taste bud impact) two to three times a day for a couple of days. Voila --- your pH readjusts and the vectors depart for more fertile ground.