Monday, September 11, 2006

RERUN: 2 Meals a Day, Plus Snacks

In [the cats'] minds, the only benefits to being owned are that 1) food appears twice a day on a predictable schedule and 2) we introduced them to fleece blankets. They're like, "Ohhh, fleece! This is so much better than that time you put your cashmere sweater down on the bed for thirty seconds while you found the right bra and our shedding radars heard the sweet, sweet sound of cashmere knit from two floors away, and we galloped up two flights of stairs, raced into the bedroom, and leaped on your sweater so that by the time you turned around, we had managed to divest 50 cubic inches of cat fur on your brand-new, never-worn, very costly cashmere sweater. Fleece is SO much better than that!"

2 Meals a Day, Plus Snacks

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Silence NoGood said...

I have two shaded silver persians and they do like anything soft, they think its their momma, and they start kneading on it.