Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eyebrows Is Back for the New Fall Season

After a grueling 16-hour travel day, starting in South Shields, U.K., on the mouth of the Tyne River where it meets the North Sea, and landing at last in O'Hare in the single most exciting airplane moment of my life (not in a good way) which introduced me to the glorious world of airsickness, Eyebrows is back.

Yes, I actually took those two weeks of blog reruns and snuck overseas for a vacation. A super-fantastic spectacular vacation that I will blog about in excruciating detail as soon as I'm a little less jet-lagged and a little less freaked out by O'Hare's terrifying crosswinds.

I have 51 e-mails (just to my blog address; my personal address was 171 and I can't even bear to think of my professional address!) and oodles of comments to catch up on, which I promise I will in the next week or so. I feel totally mentally revitalized and ready to tackle life again, all except my laundry. I'll give you a vacation hint and say that my clothes from vacation are SO DIRTY it will probably take half a dozen washes to make them wearable again! Can you guess what I was doing on vacation?

(No fair those of you who already know telling!)

In the meanwhile, mega-thanks to my friend and html-guru Star, who blogs over here, routinely rescues me from self-inflicted html disasters, designed my snazzy professional website, and was kind enough to post the blog reruns for me while I was away.


C. J. Summers said...

Welcome back! Sorry about the airsickness. I get that too if there's turbulence. I always take a precautionary Drammamine now.

Anonymous said...

I went to the ethnic grocer on University the other day that was highlighted on your blog last month and found that they went out of business. Why did they quit?

HeartShadow said...

Welcome back! So glad you made it .. and YUCK about the airsickness.

Hmm .. dirty clothing .. did you get involved in the super-secret world of international mudwrestling? (and are there pictures?)

*runs very fast*

Star said...

Heh. Welcome back, and you're quite welcome. *G*