Thursday, August 03, 2006

The TV Recap

Mr. McGee and I arrived there at about 8:35. Mike Dimmick came out and he was like, "Oh, you brought an entourage!" Mr. McGee says that is pretty much his role in life, being my entourage.

I met Lee Ranson, told him I was very jealous of his green screen. He agreed it was cool. I also met Tom McIntyre, who was not wearing pants. You KNOW they're not wearing pants behind the anchor desk (especially in this heat!), but seeing it is entirely different. Actually, Tom looked Bermuda-ready, where the men all wear shirts, ties, and jackets with knee-length shorts to Parliament because it's so hot. (And they're so British!) It's the weirdest mix of formal and beach-ready.

I was nervous while I was waiting to go on, and right at first, but once I started talking, I totally forgot about the cameras and it was fine because, basically, I just like to talk. (Also, it's really rare people actually WANT you to talk about yourself at length. This is my theory on job/scholarship/grad school interviews: I get to talk at length about the topic I'm the world's leading expert on: ME! Everything I say is right! I know all the answers! I'm told I interview well.)

Oh, and about my eyes flicking back and forth at the beginning of the interview before the reveal? I didn't know when they started filming my eyes (rather than Mike or a graphic), so I kept looking over at my husband, I guess in the hopes that he'd give me a clue? Even though he had no way of knowing either!

It also wasn't until after the interview that I thought, "God, I hope nobody's watching that in HD digital on a 60" plasma screen -- my pores would be HUGE!"

It was a hoot. I had a great time. Mike Dimmick was really easy to talk to and I only felt like my mouth ran away ahead of my brain once (I'm not telling when). The people behind the cameras - I don't know what their real titles are - were also very nice and fun to talk to during the commercials and so forth. (And to reiterate, this is what I love about Peoria: People are so friendly and warm, even when they've just met you.)

When we got to the mid-interview commercial, Mr. McGee waited to hear we were clear and immediately demanded, "WHO does the vacuuming?"

"You do," I admitted. "I don't do any of it," I explained to the news people, who were amused. "I hate the noise."

"That's the most creative excuse I've ever heard - I won't vacuum because I hate the noise," Mike Dimmick said while everyone laughed.

I protested that it was true, but they all made fun of me and asked if I avoided washing the dishes because it involved getting wet, or doing the laundry because there might be dirt. Mr. McGee said that no, I really didn't like the noise, and I always went to hide with the cats in another room when he started the vacuum. Which is also absolutely true. We all go scurrying into another room, ideally on another floor, as soon as we see the evil machine come out.

I was really interested in how they put all the pieces of the news show together, since it's a combination of newsperson on screen and talking, newsperson narrating while something else is on-screen, and doing nothing while sound and picture both are laid in from the other room for clip interviews. There's like two entirely different things going on at once (the news, and the production), frequently with both TALKING at once, and everyones taking in both streams of information at once while doing their jobs.

Sitting in the studio, this seems inordinately complicated and choppy, but I know that when I see it on TV, it's very smooth. I know (from doing newspaper) that a huge complicated job, like putting together an evening newscast or a daily newspaper, isn't such a big deal when you do it every day and there are systems and you have practice, but it SEEMS like a big impressive complicated deal when you're seeing other people do it for the first time.

So anyway, I had a GREAT time. I'd definitely do it again. I've been trying to decide if TV or radio is funner as a guest, and I think it's a toss-up. TV has all that interesting camera stuff going on and all the graphics and whatnot, but on radio you don't have to worry about your clothes and hair. Either one is a hoot!

Because basically, and let's return to the main point here, I just like to talk.

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ExpressWrittenConsent said...

Wow!!! You are the second person I have ever heard say that they don't vacuum because of the sound. My mother has always said that the sound of a vacuum cleaner almost makes her crazy. Honestly, for my entire life I don't recall ever seeing her use one.